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Posted On: April 5, 2022

When Were Solar Panels First Used in Australia?

When Were Solar Panels First Used in Australia?

Presently, solar power is one of the world’s leading renewable energy sources. That comes from the earth’s natural resources. Australia is also listed as one of the top countries that promote solar power systems in every house in the country. 

By the end of 2022, more than 21% of Australians will have installed solar rooftops. This percentage is huge and you still need to understand its solar concept and how it is going to save your electricity bill costs. For better understanding, let’s go into a deep trance and explore the roots of solar power systems.

Discovery of Solar Power

The French physicist Alexandre Edmund Becquerel was the first person to discover the photovoltaic effect in 1839. Becquerel found the concept of using solar energy as a source of energy. 

Before solar energy was introduced to the market, coal was used as a prime source of power through electricity. Later, scientists tried to find an alternative to coal as a coal shortage happened. Becquerel discovered how electricity can be generated with the help of sunlight. Then, in 1873, English electrical engineer Willoughby Smith found selenium, the first solar cell. Selenium photoconductivity helps in converting images into electrical signals. 

Solar Power Is The Newest Renewable Source of Energy.

Back in early 2000, Australia finally acknowledged the importance of solar panels and solar energy systems. Later, in Australia, much research and development took place at this time. We have achieved significant and positive results in the field of solar energy.

Finally, Australians acknowledged the importance of solar energy and tried to adopt solar energy for home electricity generation. Then it became one of the country’s primary energy sources. New solar system services were launched in Australia and offered various solar panel installation options to the residents of the country.

The expense of installing solar panels didn’t seem appealing at the time, but knowing that the installation cost might be recouped through power bill reductions meant that some homeowners were willing to make the switch.

Improvements in Solar Energy in Australia

By the end of 2010, a notable number of Australians had installed solar power systems on their roofs for home needs. The government’s Australian renewable energy agency (ARENA) has also started to support and help Australians adopt solar energy.

Over the years, ARENA has assisted over 300 research and development teams by connecting them with corporate investors who have invested over $290 million in research. The research has the potential to set new world records in terms of PV cell efficiency.

In addition to conducting research programs, the government has pushed homeowners to put solar panels on their houses, which offers a number of advantages.

Australia’s Present Solar Power Situation

Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world. In 2013, Australia ranked 16th in the world for installed solar power. In Australia, solar power is a major player in the energy market. It has been a world leader in solar power for a while now. Australia has been investing in solar power for decades and now has the largest solar power plant in the world. Australia has a lot of sun, so solar power is an obvious choice for them. Currently, more than 10% of all electricity generated in the country comes from solar power. The country is leading the world in solar power investment and installation.

Solar Power Systems

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