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Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital city. It obtains 5.34 hours of sunshine per square metre every day on average (Bureau of Meteorology). Perth is one of the greatest places to construct a solar power system in Australia due to the high number of sunlight hours and low solar panel pricing. Advanced solar technology is the leading solar company Perth, Australia

Solar power Perth just surpasses Brisbane as Australia’s top capital city for installing and generating solar electricity. We are solar panel installers in Perth. Buy solar panels Perth here at Advanced Solar Technology.

A 5 kW system generally produces 22 kWh of power per day. Because of the high number of sunlight hours in Perth, you will earn a bigger solar return than residents of Melbourne. At Advanced Solar Technology, you can get the best solar panels in Perth. Continue to read to find out about solar panels price Perth

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Solar energy's most recent trends

Let’s take a look at some global solar trends that will define the solar sector in the future years to get a sense of what to anticipate in 2022.

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Convenience of access

As technology improves in 2022, the efficiency of solar power systems will increase. Solar power systems can create more electricity, and fewer panels will satisfy your energy objectives. As more solar panels are produced, the manufacturing process gets more efficient, cutting the price. The availability of solar power in Australia for residents will become more affordable.

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Batteries are now more affordable than ever.

Among all the solar energy developments, this one has the potential to have the greatest influence on the industry. While solar is the fastest-growing business in new power generation, one of the fastest-growing asset types is battery storage.

We’ll Professionally Install Your Solar Power System In Perth

With the ever increasing costs of energy putting a strain on many Australian households, now is the perfect time to consider an alternative. We are a solar power systems supplier in Perth aimed to help Aussie families reduce their household costs as much as possible. Here are just some of the ways a solar PV panel supply from our team can help you:

Reduce your carbon footprint – A solar power inverter can supply properties with a renewable energy source that minimizes negative effects on the environment. By getting power from the sun, you are utilizing a green energy alternative that does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Significant money savings – While you have to pay to have a panel system installed on your property, the benefits of the system means it will pay for itself! You will receive significant money savings on your energy bills and you may also be entitled to government rebates, incentives or subsidies.

Peace of mind – When you are looking for inverter systems for your home, the team at Advanced are here to help. We pride ourselves on an expert installation service which is backed by a range of warranties to ensure your peace of mind.

Give us a call and let our solar cells / panel supply your Perth home with clean energy. We will happily answer your questions and tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget.

The significance of solar energy

There’s no doubt that solar energy is important. Going solar has a high return on investment, not just commercially, but also in terms of human health and environmental preservation. With each passing year, solar energy becomes increasingly popular among house and business owners as people learn about its numerous benefits and installation costs fall. If you’re wondering why solar energy is so important, just scroll down.

What do our services include?

Residential solar panel installers

It is now time to quit renting electricity from the utility company. Install solar panels on your home and generate your own clean energy to gain both short-term and long-term financial rewards while also helping to protect the natural environment. We provide pre-construction consultancy and work with your builder or contractor to ensure a successful project. In addition, we provide ground-mount solar panels.

Solar panels for commercial use

Commercial solar panels may be put on the rooftop or open space accessible to commercial buildings since they have adequate room to install a large number of solar panels and create enough solar electricity to cover all of their power demands. We offer solar panels for all types of commercial buildings.

Inverters for solar power

The Solar Power Inverter is a critical electronic device that transforms the electrical energy produced by the PV solar panel into a reliable AC power supply that can be sent straight into the power grid. With our skilled team of installers, we provide and install solar power inverters across Australia when you hire an inverter installation service for your home or business.

Inspections and Repairs of Solar Panels Perth

A solar system is built up of components that require little maintenance to function properly. In any event, if your solar panels are not working properly, we can examine, maintain, and repair your solar panel power systems.

The Advantages of solar energy

There’s a reason why many households and companies are embracing solar energy. The advantages are apparent, not only for people but also for the world as a whole. Here are some reasons why solar energy is so beneficial:

It is beneficial to the environment.

The distinction between solar energy and traditional electricity is that solar energy somehow doesn't require carbon fuels, doesn't at all contaminate the water or air, and therefore does not cause global warming, and has emerged as the preferred alternative for many. Solar energy uses natural resources, whereas conventional power uses up or destroys them.

It is a reliable and low-cost energy source.

The sun is a sustainable form of energy. While fossil fuels will ultimately run out, sunshine will not. As a result, solar energy is extremely dependable. Unlike carbon fuels, which are expensive to extract and use, sunlight is free. To gain the benefits, only a single installation of solar equipment is required.

It saves you money over time.

Despite the fact that the cost of installing solar panels or a solar electric system has fallen in recent years, some people may find the first investment in solar energy to be scary. The crucial point to remember is that an installation is a one-time event, but paying for traditional power is a regular, continuous, and costly commitment, especially as electricity costs continue to climb. Making the investment in operating your house or building on solar energy will save you a lot of money in the long term.

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Advanced Solar Technology was very informative on all aspects of the system and did not pressure us in going for a bigger inverter, as it was for our usage only and not for reselling back to Synergy even though we got 10 – 250 kW panels.

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Good quality quote, they told us the pro’s and con’s of the system no bull and the system works exactly how they said it would ,would highly recommend Advanced Solar Technology and the hand picked installers, everything went very smooth and fast.

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Although, there was a small problem with the installation, which was fixed to my satisfaction, Alex from Advanced Solar Technology provided excellent service and followed up that everything was ok and I was happy with the job. Furthermore, he offered to come out after I have received my second power bill to explain the system and to show me how to read the meter and inverter.

Doug, from WA 6053