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The solar power industry has seen a boom in demand in recent years. This is because individuals have begun to recognize the advantages of switching to solar energy for both residential and commercial use. Even governments are highlighting the need to switch to solar energy. They even provide different discounts for solar power inverter installation on both residential and commercial premises.

What is a solar power inverter system?

An inverter, like a brain, is needed in every solar system. The primary function of this is to convert DC electricity generated by the solar array to AC power.

A solar power inverter is a box of electronics that all of the solar electricity produced by your panels will travel through before being transferred to your house for usage by your appliances, or to the main grid in the case of excess energy generated. It truly is the system’s workhorse.

Important safety shutdown electronics, such as Anti-Islanding Protection, are also included in the device. For these and other reasons, it is vital that you select a solar power inverter system that is up to the task and provides the greatest performance for your money.

Types of Solar Power Inverters

String inverters

String inverters are the most prevalent form of solar power inverter used in residential solar panel systems, with one required for each installation. Strings from many solar panels are connected to a single inverter. It then transforms DC electricity into alternating current for residential usage.


Microinverters are small inverters that are required for each solar panel in order to maximise the power of each panel at the module level. Even if you already have some shade, each solar panel produces more electricity. The microinverter aids in optimising the voltage output for each panel in order to maximise output. If one micro-inverter fails, the rest of the system will continue to transition DC current to AC current since they are all coupled to the same micro-inverter.

Hybrid inverters

This is a multi-type inverter that enables attaching a battery to the solar panel. The major benefit of a micro-inverter is that it not only gives solar energy in DC power format to the battery, but it also supplies electricity to the grid and powers your household appliances.

Central Inverters

This kind of inverter is used in solar systems with hundreds of megawatts or kilowatts of capacity. It is similar to a string inverter in that it connects multiple solar panel strings to a single inverter, but here in the central inverter, it joints all the solar panel strings together in a box before connecting them to the central inverter.

Major Benefits of Using Solar Power Inverters as a primary source of residential energy.

The following are some of the most important reasons and benefits for employing a solar power inverter system as a primary source of household energy.

  • Solar energy reduces both the greenhouse impact and extreme weather change.
  • We may save money by lowering our power costs by using solar items.
  • The solar power inverter is used to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), and it is a dependable source of energy.
  • These inverters support small and medium enterprises by lowering their energy requirements and needs.
  • These are multipurpose devices since they are preprogrammed to convert DC to AC, thereby aiding huge energy users.
  • When compared to generators, it is easier to set up and less expensive.
  • Maintenance is simple because they operate well even with routine maintenance.
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Advanced solar technology inverters

We are a national corporation owned by Australians. All of our items are Tier 1 premium products that have been CEC approved and meet high-quality criteria. We can obtain the equipment at a lower cost than our rivals and pass these savings on to customers!

We possess a fast turnaround time, so whether you’re considering installing solar power inverters or have queries about your current ones, we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Solar Power Inverters Supply & Installation At Advanced Solar Technology

Advanced Solar Technology is a West Australian-owned and operated company established in 2009. We supply and install solar power inverters in Australia with our expert team of installers. When you contact Inverter installation service for residential or commercial purposes, we will take you through a number of simple steps to ensure that you will get a perfect solution for your needs.

Solar power Inverters

As a trusted supplier, Advanced Solar Technology wants to make purchasing and owning systems as easy as possible. We can provide quality advice and detailed service in the supply and installation of Solar power inverters. We happily supply a range of cells and inverters from the most trusted brands such as Delta, Fronius, Tigo, SMA, ABB Fimer, and many more. We also offer a reliable photovoltaic PV installation service as per your requirements.

We aim to focus on our customer’s satisfaction with our Solar Power Inverter services. We are the team you can trust to protect the efficiency and safety of your solar power system. Advanced Solar Technology has a range of Solar Inverters to suit your home and businesses. Contact one of our solar experts for more information on choosing the right size and type of inverter for your solar system.

Solar Power Inverters Supply & Installation Services in Australia

Advanced Solar Technology is an independent, privately-owned, and operated Australian company that specializes in the supply and installation of solar power units, inverters, PV solar systems. We provide our customers with long-term solar solutions by utilizing our expert passion and knowledge. We have many years of industry experience with a focus on our client’s satisfaction. Our focus on solar batteries, solar power inverters, and renewable energy had led us to become a proud leader in the industry.

We are experts in solar systems and you can rest assured knowing that your residential or commercial place is in the hands of our professionals who understand solar energy. Our research work within the solar industry helps us to supply the highest quality products to our clients in Australia. Our staff is well trained to provide you with guidance, expert knowledge and also advice on other things.

Dial us on 08 9402 9997 to utilize our solar power inverters installation services.
Some of our solar power inverter services are listed below.

Residential Solar Power Inverter Supply & Installations

We are residential solar power suppliers and installers for the future. Advanced Solar Technology is here for you to transform the sun’s energy into a form usable by your home in Australia. Our solar power inverters convert the raw DC energy into usable AC energy usable for your residences. We are leaders in residential solar power inverter installations.

There are many reasons to choose us as your residential power inverter suppliers. Some of them are listed below:

  • We are a quality solar energy system and solar inverter provider in Australia.
  • We are providing expert installations with our professional installers.
  • We can provide you a hassle-free solar power service.
  • We are supplying solar power energies to any type of your residence.

We are here for you to bring renewable energy solutions for residential people in Australia. At Advanced Solar Technology, we value solar energy. With an array of residential solar panel systems to choose from, we have got all types of solar panels for your housing needs. Our experienced team of experts at Advanced Solar provides quality workmanship to provide the right residential solar panel system at an affordable price range.

The solar inverter is not as well known as solar panels and solar batteries but plays an important role. Solar power inverters act as the mediator between the energy absorption of solar and the utilization of energy for your residential purpose. They will convert electricity from the solar panel and convert it into a form that can be used for residential purposes by households. Most of your home appliances use alternating current to function. In this case, the solar inverter plays a major role. It converts the DC energy from the solar panels into AC energy that can be used by your home appliances. Our residential power inverters will perform the task of AC conversion that can be useful for your appliances.

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