People Says

Having decided we wanted to purchase a 6kW system we were cautious with out choice of systems, and value for money. Yes we did our research.
The owner of AST came out to our house, gave us practical and informative information to help us make the right decision. There was no pressure to sign up like others endeavoured to do so. Throughout the approval process (with Western Power/ Synergy) we were constantly kept updated of the progress.
The installers were extremely professional and reliable. Really nice blokes who did a great job to be honest.
The next step is for the AST owner / director to come to our house in a few months time once the unit has been running, look over the power savings so far (& whats gone back into the grid) and what steps can be further made to reduce out rather large bill. (ie: changing the running of the pool pump, air con, running the washing machine etc., etc.

Peter, from WA 6069

I can recommend Alex and Michelle very highly. Alex was helpful, upfront and honest from the beginning. A rare trait in the solar industry.
I’ve dealt with 9 competitors, almost all of them was dishonest, hiding service fees, costs of installation etc. Others play the “promotion in your” area card, or “I’ll just call my boss for the special today”.
There are NO hidden costs with Advanced Solar Technology. Pricing is very fair. Alex provides after sales energy bill explanation and can advise on getting the most out of your system. He is always available on his mobile if you need any advice, before and after sales.

Johan, from WA 6065

We actually got five quotes, but only three from people who visited our house.
SolarGrid, we found out about them through a booth at a shopping centre. SolarGrid’s quote was way too high, but sounded reasonable because we didn’t know much, and we were given misleading information during the sales presentation. This was the first solar salesperson to visit us, and we nearly signed up ith them on the spot. That would have been an expensive mistake! Lesson: get educated before you buy, and don’t sign up without getting quotes from solarquotes.com.au!
The first thing the guy from Advanced Solar Tech did was to look at our electricity meter, and explain that Western Powert would charge a reprogramming fee (SolarGrid never explained that). He also explained how we could change our electricity usage patterns to make the best use of our solar system. We signed up with Advanced Solar Tech 10 days later.
The other company that visited our house (Renewable Logic) was about $1000+ more expensive.
We had another quote Green Wiring that landed in our spam folder, and we never saw it until too late. It was a slightly higher quote than advanced solar tech for the same panels and inverter, and the guy never came to visit our house, even when we left a message on his answering machine inviting him to come and have a look – anyway, we were on the verge of signing on Advanced Solar Tech by then. The other company that gave us a quote (Todae solar) didn’t visit our house. Their quote was expensive.

Michael, from WA 6014

Advanced Solar followed up their quotes with a home visit. They advised customer service would continue for the life of the system. As soon as I have a bill showing the system information and cost of electricity, they will return to explain more and help with understanding and using the system to best advantage.
1 x 2.5kw Delta Solivia Inverter plus 8 x 200W EC Solar Modules were installed. Information given was, that more panels could at a later date be installed. I won’t know how good the system is until its been up on the roof for the 10 yr. warranty!! However, I feel very confident that I have a company that will be there for the long haul!

Joe, from WA 6064

Advanced Solar Technology was very informative on all aspects of the system and did not pressure us in going for a bigger inverter, as it was for our usage only and not for reselling back to Synergy even though we got 10 – 250 kW panels.

Anne, from WA 6064

Good quality quote, they told us the pro’s and con’s of the system no bull and the system works exactly how they said it would ,would highly recommend Advanced Solar Technology and the hand picked installers, everything went very smooth and fast.

Ben, from WA 6069

Although, there was a small problem with the installation, which was fixed to my satisfaction, Alex from Advanced Solar Technology provided excellent service and followed up that everything was ok and I was happy with the job. Furthermore, he offered to come out after I have received my second power bill to explain the system and to show me how to read the meter and inverter.

Doug, from WA 6053

All people involved in the installation were courteous, clean, tidy and well mannered. The rep who is also the owner, was one of the few who would come to our house and quote. He is well informed and willing to answer all questions regarding the panels, inverter, installation etc. Not the cheapest quote but the most informative and I think high quality. We are very happy with our choice.

Dennis, from WA 6021

Dealing with Alex and the whole team was a real pleasure , nothing was to much or too hard to sort out , I recommend Avanced Solar to everyone and already had a good friend buy a system from them and is very pleased .
The bigger companies to me were not dedicated and just wanted your money and not willing to go the extra mile to make sure you were completely happy before you payed for the system .
A real pleasure and highly recommended to anyone looking for a good system. The installation waiting period was very short and had the system in by three weeks by them which I was pleased about as all the other bigger companies were talking about 6- 9 weeks wait.
So to anyone reading this ….. Go for it they are very good and will not mess you around like the big companies , they are a small family business with the good business ethics .

Ross, from WA 6063

Discussed options with us and offered solutions to reduce our electrical usage which was an added personal service which was really appreciated.

Francinne, from WA 6050

Purchase was straightforward and the salesman did not indulge in the spin I encountered from some others. Installation went smoothly and the system is functioning well so far. There was some delay before installation but that seems to have been mainly due to government agencies. The advice from your web site and newsletter was highly valued. Thanks for that!

Gordon, from WA 6112

✔ Best Price
✔ Best Quality System
✔ Best Salesperson
✔ Best ServiceAll above says it all everything done absolutely no hassle. I nearly forgot I was having it as it went so smooth from signing up to being fitted. Now to see if it saves me money.

Malcolm, from WA 6069

Friendly service and willing to take time to explain. Not pushy.

Dale, from WA 6065