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Solar in Australia?

Australia has the greatest average Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) of any country on the planet. This provides Australia with an incredible chance to harvest solar power with the help of photovoltaic panels. Since 2010, data from the Australian PV Institute tells of a substantial and consistent increase in PV installations. According to the Clean Energy Australia Report 2020, solar power harvested from both large scale solar farms and rooftop installations has contributed 7.5 percent of Australia’s total electricity generation.

The Importance of Monitoring Solar Panels

Solar panels are subjected to a variety of environmental and human-made conditions over their lifetime, which can lead to a decrease in power production and operating safety. These defects, if left untreated, can result in significant losses in energy output and increased fire hazards. Solar panel  inspection by experts provides asset owners with a quick and cost-effective technique for monitoring the status of photovoltaic solar assets. Professional solar inspection firms, such as us, can provide a significant boost in efficiency, inspection times, and cost savings.

Is it necessary to inspect solar systems?

Yes, solar panels must be tested to ensure their performance and quality. A single faulty panel might limit your energy production by 25% or more.

The most important benefits of a solar panel testing

Solar panel testing

We inspect your solar system for optimal performance, any repairs, and any issues you may have.
Residential solar inspections are something we can do with accuracy.
Our solar examination specialists are both licensed and insured.

Secure your investment

When purchasing or selling a home with an existing solar system, do solar inspections.
We can assess the performance of a rented or outdated system.
With a yearly inspection and maintenance evaluation, you can avoid permanent damage to the solar system.

Solar power is long-lasting

A solar installation is designed to last 20 to 30 years with frequent monitoring and maintenance to ensure high performance.
The best approach to guaranteeing that your solar panels survive as long as possible is to schedule yearly comprehensive inspections to catch any potential problems early.

How frequently should solar panels be inspected?

At least once a year, regular maintenance checks and visual examinations should be performed. The only time you may require more comprehensive maintenance or solar panel testing is if you see an increase in your energy bill or detect a red signal on your inverter.

What is the cost of a solar panel inspection?

A comprehensive examination will involve a physical check of the roof as well as a technical examination of the system’s electrical output on the floor or in your basement. They require about 2 hours and cost roughly $250 for a one-time examination, depending on the size of the system. We propose that you sign up for a yearly examination, which is less expensive.

What can you expect from our solar panel inspection?

  • Overall performance and efficiency.
  • Inspect inverters and connection points to ensure they are operational.
  • Examine the module clamps and connection points
  • Examine the cabling to ensure that it is not destroyed 
  • You will get a solar panel testing report with images that detail everything that was examined and the outcomes.
  • Solar panel load testing

Solar Panel Inspection

Advanced solar technology is Australia’s top solar system supply and inspection service. Please let us know if your current solar system has an issue or is faulty. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection to determine the specific cause of the problem and the most appropriate solution.

Many solar installers have gone out of business, leaving solar homeowners unsure who to contact for solar repair and maintenance. If you find yourself in this circumstance and want emergency assistance with your solar system, please call us for a free consultation. We’ll look after you!

Solar Panel Inspections And Repairs at Advanced Solar Technology

Welcome To Advanced Solar Technology!

Inspection and Repairs

Advanced Solar Technology is a Western Australian- owned and operated company established in 2009. We pride ourselves on offering quality advice and supplying residential solar power systems in Perth. We will install your solar power systems in your homes in Perth. Also, we do inspections and repairs to your solar panel systems.

We can carry out an inspection, maintenance, and repair of your solar panel power systems. A solar PV system is made up of components that require minimum maintenance for proper operation. But, sometimes problems may occur with these solar PV systems. Some of them are the failure of a solar inverter system, wiring problems due to poor installation, and many more performance issues on solar modules.

Advanced Solar has many years of experience in the industry and our specialists are able to inspect, find faults and repair your system by considering your needs. Our team can also carry out a safety inspection to identify problems earlier.

The usage of solar power systems by households is increasing these days and there are over two million residents in Australia with Solar panels. Advanced Solar has served thousands of Australian houses and many commercial spaces in installation, maintenance, inspection, and repairs.

Get in touch with one of our local representatives to schedule an inspection with us!

Solar power systems in Australia

One of the key benefits of a solar panel system is its projected lifespan. Well-built solar panels can be able to generate energy for up to 25 years or longer too. Most of these systems will run with minimal issues, so we recommend you to do an inspection period to make sure it is safe and generates proper energy. For this, Advanced Solar is now providing safety inspections for your residential and commercial solar power systems to make sure that your system is healthy and safe. Our safety solar panel inspections are very cost-effective and easy. We are serving our customers all over Australia.

What Do Our Solar Panel Inspections Cover?

Once you book a solar panel inspection with Advanced Solar Technology, one of our experienced and licensed solar electricians will come out to the site to review the components of your solar system. They are well-trained professionals so will look for any wear and tear and also check if anything is preventing the smooth running of your solar panel. Our inspection includes removing excess dust, checking on damage from weather, the integrity of seals and water accumulation, etc. Our technicians will also perform electrical checks for the sake of your solar panel safety. It includes checking fuses, voltages, and protective devices. We will provide a report after the completion of the safety inspection. This report covers the result of service and recommendations.

Contact us to book a Solar Panel Inspection with us in Australia.

Choose Us For Your Solar Panel Inspection And Repairs

Solar systems more than five years old will usually require maintenance and may also require repairs. We at Advanced Solar Technology will do any type of repairs and replacement of faulty components. If you ignore checking your solar system, there is a chance of occurrence of complete damage thereby a dramatic drop in production. We provide complete custom solutions for a wide range of repair issues to your solar panel and ensure your system is repaired professionally and quickly.

Our team offers a supported, comprehensive solar panel inspection and report. This report will be used to identify defects, problems, or damaged areas that need attention and repair. No need to wait for more, our solar panel inspectors are here for you to maintain and repair your solar system quickly. We are also providing discounts on your annual follow-up inspections.

Choose us to keep your residential or commercial solar power systems working efficiently. Do not hesitate to call us on 08 9402 9997 today!

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