Solar Power Buying Checklist

Millions of homeowners across the globe and in Australia have already chosen a solar energy system. Advanced Solar Technology trained consultant will guide you from your first considerations through to planning and installation of your solar energy system.

When choosing any solar energy system for your home there are some basic questions that must first be answered. Please find them below with our answers:

1.) Is your solar panel installer a certified, reputable professional? 

To ensure that your system is installed safely, to industry standards and for the guarantee and lifetime of your system you should always check if your installer is a certified, reputable professional.

Always ask if they are a licensed and insured solar energy specialist trained for residential or commercial solar power installation.

At Advanced Solar Technology, we are specialised and trained beyond industry standards to be your solar professionals, providing careful but timely installation and responsive service. In addition, Advanced Solar Technology conducts installation quality checks to ensure the product is installed up to our high standards.

2.) Is my roof suitable for a solar energy system? 

Your roof must meet the following requirements:

  • Orientation between south-west and south-east
  • Useable area of at least 20 m2
  • Tilt between 10º and 45º, ideally 30º (you can confirm this with your solar installer)

Concerns about the region you live in? The sun shines long enough anywhere in Australia for a solar energy system!

3.) Is a solar energy system worth the investment? 

With your own solar energy system, you can produce not only the energy of the future and make an active contribution to climate protection, but you are also choosing an investment with one of the highest yields:

  • Rising energy prices will be in the past: You will produce your own electricity and use it for your own consumption.
  • Look forward to an additional income: Whether you use the electricity yourself, or feed it back into the public power grid.

The variety of subsidy and financing options make a solar energy system a financially attractive option.

4.) Does the solar energy supplier have access to system output software? 

At  Advanced Solar Technology, we have software from various solar inverter suppliers to insure we supply you with the most efficient and cost effective solution. We don’t just sell systems, we tailor systems to your energy needs and budget.